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Finance Options

Specialising in people opting out of the company car scheme, we can offer a personalised service tailored exactly to your needs, from sourcing the vehicle right through to finance and insurance. Having dealt for many years with IT companies and City Bankers we know how important it is to make your transaction hassle free

More Than a Car

  • What Absolute Autonomy offers is a unique service to the business user who uses their company car allowance to fund their vehicle. Absolute Autonomy consults with you to ensure that what we offer is the best option for you.

    We value your business and we want to ensure that you get exactly what you need and more importantly, what you want!

    But what you want and what you need aren't always the same thing of course and at Absolute Autonomy we understand that the change from company car to purchasing your own vehicle is a big step, not the least of which is the financing. This is where, through working with you as your personal consultant, we can advise on the best possible financing package to protect your investment.